Dazzle Accessories

The Welcome Group successfully operates quite a number of business ventures in the GCC. Among them, Dazzle Accessories holds a unique position since it is a world dedicated exclusively to ladies.

Epitome of Elegance

As the name suggests, Dazzle Accessories is devoted to make each lady special with our unique offerings. Fancy ornaments and trinkets have always fascinated ladies irrespective of age or nationality. Dazzle Accessories has its elegant store in Dubai, an internationally acclaimed city welcoming people from far and wide. Hence, we have an exceptional collection of accessories to impress our native and international customers who visit our store.

The jewellery items on display include ear rings, finger rings, bracelets, pendants and chains. They are the choicest collections following the latest fashion trends. We frequently update our products so that our loyal customers always stay one step ahead when it comes to fashion accessories.

Enchanting Arabic Jewellery

The specialty of Dazzle Accessories is the exclusive collection of traditional Arabic jewellery to grace you. The ornaments come in antique and contemporary finish to suit the varying interests of the customers.

Apart from jewellery items, Dazzle Accessories has an extensive collection of hair and skin care products of globally renowned brands.