Black Stone

The power and construction sectors are crucial in the advancement of modern life. As a responsible and proactive business enterprise, the Welcome Group has ventured into construction and energy segments with the inception of Black Stone Trading & Contracting Co. in Qatar.

Powering Your Needs

Black Stone is a reliable supplier of high performance generators of world renowned brands. Our devoted service has gained us the confidence and goodwill of many a desert safari-goer. We offer diesel generators of various specifications and power supply capacities at competitive rates. You can select the most appropriate generator suiting your safari requirements. 

Also, Black Stone is a preferred supplier of industrial generators for large supermarkets, hypermarkets and retail stores.

Aiding Construction Industry

Black Stone is a consistent trader of small and medium machineries essential for the construction industry. The prime products include concrete vibrators and small earth compactors. Since each equipment employed in the construction field must be of utmost efficiency, the company ensures that all machineries we supply are of the highest quality. Black Stone also provides other light and heavy machineries crucial for the construction companies.